Erotica Reviews

Hey guys, I started this review a long time ago, and it was so fun. Unfortunately, it deflated, like a failed soufflé, for reasons. And excuses. I leave these reviews, because I still think they are entertaining. I hope I will be able to continue later – I believe that there are great authors of erotic fiction. And they deserve recognition. Read on, soldiers.

Laurann Doner – Fury

  1. She visually examined the extended teeth
  2. “I removed your clothes.” He paused. “All of them.”
  3. The door to the room was suddenly flung wide open.
  4. “We don’t hate you. You’re our pet.”
  5. Someone stated the obvious.
  6. Don’t touch yourself with their blood. 
  7. He never saw me naked
  8. “Damn,”a man yelled from the next room. “People are seeing!” 
  9. The look on Fury’s matched his name.
  10. Some words were hard to explain. 
  11. I won’t hurt you this time.



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