South Korea and the closed web

This article is long. Sorry. When I chose to move to South Korea, I was envied by a few. It wasn’t intense jealousy, but it was there. Dude, Korea! Your computer’s going to take off like a rocket, imagine that : the fastest Internet of the world! Well, no, actually, the fastest is in Hong-Kong. South Korea has the second fastest, and it’s really, really fast, there’s 4G even in the subway, perfect connection everywhere, the paradise of fast and cheap information:

South Koreans enjoy an average connection speed of 16.63 megabits per second. By contrast, the average United States internet surfer can expect speeds of 4.6 megabits per second.

(check here too for more) Better than the USA! Better than France (France doesn’t even rank in these dashboards….)! Yay! It’s beautiful, it’s shiny and it smells good! If only I had known. Continue reading →