Fury – part 11

Fury took a stroll alone, lost in his thoughts. He reminisced over a conversation he shared with the love of his life, a moment of shared tenderness and intimacy, where she opened her heart to him and told him about her ex-husband.

These are this man’s faults :

  • Dislike that Ellie is overweight.
  • Cheating on her with other women.
  • Told her it was her fault.
  • Make her lose her self-confidence.

And during the moment where his beloved Ellie revealed to him the scars of his past, the ManBeast we know and love only thought :

Maybe, if I put more food inside the house she could gain back the weight she lost, he thought.

Welcome to the story of Fury and Ellie.

Can I say that Fury is a whore ?

If he could get Ellie into his bed he might be able to seduce her into staying there.

And thus begins chapter eleven of this magnificent romance. Ellie cooks for Fury, that makes his super hot for her, and he tears his shirt open (I’m not kidding, buttons fly), and then takes off his boots, and tell Ellie the LEAST reassuring shit he could have possibly come up with :

“I won’t hurt you this time. I have it worked out.”

And a few lines later :

“I won’t hurt you this time. I’ll be more aware of my teeth.”

Which is definitely creepy. Especially since we know that he tends to bite and that his wang is enormous. I’d be Ellie I’d be worried about being skewered and bitten. Bad combination? But wait, there’s more.

“Sense of smell. I know you want me. Your scent is so sweet when you are aroused. I want to lick you and feast on your desire. You’ve been torturing me for days.”

See, when people are asked, if they could have a superpower, anything at all, what they would want – no one ever answers I WANT TO SMELL AROUSAL ON PEOPLE. I can’t really decide whether that power would be awesome or horrible, but I’m not really interested in even trying it out.

After this interesting revelation, we spend a long time trying to get Ellie to have more self confidence, and Fury assures her he won’t “touch another female”, and blah blah blah, they’re still not having sex, until finally, they are.

Now before we look into that, I’d like to remind you guys that the sex they did have earlier in the book was not so hot, due to being rapey and weird. Will this time be better?

Looks like Fury is a winner – he goes straight with his tongue between her legs. 

He lapped at the sensitive bud rapidly in a near frenzy.

ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch

That does sound more painful than anything else, but let’s imagine she’s already super-hot thanks to the conversation about why her husband left her.

“Dear God,” she panted. “You’re like a vibrator with a tongue when you do that.”

So Fury licks her like that, to her great pleasure, until she has an orgasm. Which is what ‘preliminaries’ are supposed to be in the head of I don’t know who. In any case, that’s the perfect moment to start having the real sex.

“I won’t lose control this time and I will make sure I don’t draw blood with my kisses. Scoot up.”

‘Drawing blood with kisses’, seriously? Can Fury make this any more awkward? I know that we’re supposed to be impressed by his animal magnetism and charisma, but he really feels awkward to me.

He then decides to get naked, and Ellie seems to be a bit worried about the size of his ‘dude piston’ (yes, I have recently acquired a thesaurus). Being the delicate creature that he is, Fury instantly sees to her worries, in order to ensure that her pleasure with the experience will be maximized.

“You’re bigger than anyone…” She sealed her lips together when she saw his instant anger.

“I don’t want to hear about someone else who has touched you,” he growled.

Asshole. Dude, if she doesn’t want to get impaled on your purple-helmeted warrior of love (bahaha) you could at least pretend to care. Instead, he asks her to go on all-fours, which she does, and I have no issue with what happens next, since they don’t really have any kind of exchange, just humping.

When they talk again, he is worried about his performance, and she wants to let him know that he is beautiful. Which is problematic for Fury, because who would dare question his ManBeast VirileManhood?

“I think you are so beautiful.”

“So are you,” she breathed. She thought of him as perfection.

He snarled, a scary sound.

She looked up at him to see his frown.


“I’m not beautiful.”

She smiled. “ I think you are. It’s a good thing.”

“Women are beautiful.”

“Men are too when they look the way you do.”

His frown deepened.

Ellie smiled. “Communication breakdown?”

He softly sighed. “Agreed.”

At this point, penetration has still not occurred. But when it begins, we are awarded with a long description of how it happens, with the added details of Ellie’s vagina seemingly having independent thoughts:

When he started to breach her pussy it resisted the broad tip, not wanting to admit something that size.

It’s alive!

And now Fury gets worried. He thinks that he might tear her, and in order to avoid that, he asks Ellie to talk to him. Because this becomes such a big problem, Ellie takes control of the situation by sitting on him. Then they have sex a bit like that, until he pushes her down again, and they have more sex. She orgasms, then he does.

Fury’s body tensed, bowing hers under him, and a sound she’d never heard filled the room as Fury made a loud, animalistic noise that resembled a half shout, half howl.

You really don’t want to have neighbors. Imagine explaining that one to the grandmother on the 5th floor… No, no, he does this when he’s happy. Still Ellie doesn’t mind the scream, but something weird happens. Fury delivers, again, a terribly awkward explanation:

“Your doctors found that interesting when we were examined. Our cocks swell right as we ejaculate. It’s nature’s way of locking a male inside a female at the end of sex with some species. We were assured by the doctors that it wouldn’t harm a woman. We can’t swell past what we’re contained inside. I pulled out of you last time before that happened but this time I wanted to come inside you.”

Oh, Fury, so smooth.


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