Fury – part 10

Sorry, so sorry, I have disappeared, and now I’m back and on fire !

Let us delve deeper in the beautiful world that is the News Species land of rapey love and creepy affections, where all the representations of physical contact should get you in jail in real life! Welcome to the beautiful Chapter Ten of Fury, the first book of the New Species Series by Laurann Dohner!

As a reminder, I selected this book because of its high ratings on GoodReads. I invite you to possibly not trust GoodReads’ reviews here…

Also, hey, to you, new followers :

“I know it isn’t true. I can’t smell Fury on you besides the faint, lingering scent that comes with living inside the same home with someone. It’s just that since he brought you to his house, some have presumed you and Fury are breeding.”

Well, chapter 10 is off to a great start. Besides the fact that no one really says “faint, lingering scent”, there’s also the word ‘breeding’ that is terribly awkward. It’s meant to represent the fact that Breeze, the one who says it, it still learning human language and doesn’t master the colloquialisms yet. But still… Breeding? Bang, coitus, coupling, encounter, love, fuck, hanky-panky, intercourse, intimacy, lovemaking, nookie, screw, shag, union, copulation, fornication, I mean, there a lot of thesauri out there.

“He’s heard that crap being rumored about us?” 

Breeze nodded. “Everyone has heard.” Her gaze flicked around the living room to the TV. “Is your television broken?”

“Television?” Ellie gasped. “It’s on the news?”

Welcome to celebrity, Ellie.

Breeze and Ellie then get sidetracked on a lesson on independence: Breeze can’t understand why Ellie might feel uncomfortable that she lives in Fury’s house, doesn’t have any income, and “mooches off him”. ForeverMate struggles with her explanation.

Some words were hard to explain. 

Right on, honey. Breeze, because she was never educated, tells Ellie that she should have sex with Fury in order to repay him for his protection, which launches them in another awkward conversation about prostitution. Neither participants convinces the other, and the conversation is useless.

However, Ellie learns that meetings have been called in order to discuss the possible implications of a Species fornicating with a non-Species, and that makes ForeverMate all hot and bothered. Awkwardness continues when Breeze explains that she known all about sex because she watched porn videos, and I guess that’s supposed to be an attempt at humor but all it really did was make me want to get to the end of the book much faster.

Ellie hesitates between feeling embarrassed and explaining that porn is different from real live. She eventually realized that correcting Breeze’s preconceptions is perhaps something that might be more important than her own little feelings.

“ What is your version of sex? Maybe we can start there. It might be the same.” 

“ Well, we enjoy kissing. We love to kiss. That is new to us but we picked that up after we were freed. We love to touch. We say soft, appealing words, and growl to show our level of arousal. Is that all right?”

“ Perfect,” Ellie admitted. The growling… She let that slide.

“ We fight for dominance and whoever is tougher gets to decide the position we have sex. The male usually wins unless he is tired or weak from injury.”

“ Uh…” Ellie’s mind blanked with that shocking news. Breeze stopped talking. “ Is that different from you?” “Explain ‘fight for dominance’.” She blinked. “ It’s just the way it sounds.”

“ Like wrestling?” She nodded. “ Very similar.” Ellie shrugged. “ That would be okay but we don’t usually enjoy pain during sex. You know that, right?” “Okay. I’ll share that. So no fighting?”

And then there’s a long and tedious conversation where Ellie, who is a beacon of feminism (right) teaches Breeze that humans respect each other, make decisions together, and generally don’t inflict on their partner something that they wouldn’t feel comfortable with.

And as if that needed to be said again, Breeze warns :

Our men would rather die than be submissive.

There’s the thing. I must not be the right target for that kind of thing. I think that someone who looks as sexual intercourse only (< stress that word) through the angle of domination/submissiveness, is really not sexy. Maybe it’s exciting for other people. I don’t know. I certainly can understand that playing a role can be generate emotionally charged feelings.

But the underlying meaning behind the male ‘there’s nothing worse than being a submissive, and oh, I request my partners to be submissive to me,’ feels terribly hypocritical. I want you to do what I hate doing. Things that are not OK for me are OK for you. It’s genetic. It’s socially normal.

It is said that girls tend to over-think sex, and I definitely over-think that aspect of things. Why one earth would I ever want to do for you something that you believe is a humiliation worse than death?

To conclude this serious interlude, I’d like to stress the fact that I do not include the BDSM scene in what I said. It’s obviously not the same thing.

OK so.

“So what positions do you like for sex?”

“We enjoy facing the men to keep eye contact but our men prefer taking us from behind. That is what we fight about.” She hesitated. “ I’m quite shocked that Fury took you face-to-face. He must have been in a hurry or otherwise he would have set you free to mount you from behind. That is what our men do.” 

…Mount you.

Fury mounts people from behind when he breeds. Ouch.


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