Fury – part 9

Ok, so first of all, if you’re accessing this blog from its main menu, sorry for the weird changes happening here. I’m testing new things. You will see, it will become a beautiful place, full of cookies and fluffy bunnies.

We’re going to talk about ManBeast and ForeverMate again, but before we dive into the awkwardness of their story, and because I don’t really have the occasion to post these, a beautiful gif :

From The Life of Pi, if I’m not wrong. It would be a shame to use this image for humor.

Last chapter was so horrible I committed suicide by ice-cream to exorcise it. So I had to buy ice-cream in order to prepare for the next chapters. Luckily, where I live, there’s a lot of new flavors to try. The green melon sherbet is un délice!

Fury has sent for Ellie, worrying that she might be unsafe out there in the human world. She, indeed, was almost abducted as soon as she’d landed in some motel. Fury’s friend Justice expresses concern that Fury isn’t in control of his protective urges – but tells him that if it’s too difficult, he can “keep her here.

“I have two bedrooms. She’ll be safe inside my house. No one would be stupid enough to go after her there, and I can guard her.”
“You mean protect her.”
“It’s the same thing.”

Oh, is it?

French actor gif! Multiculturalism!

So while Fury decides whether he wants Ellie in a jail or in a prison, Justice tells him, sure, whatev’, do what you want, like I care. They plan a bit more, and the Fury goes to find Ellie, who has just arrived.

He hears that someone tried to abduct Ellie, and he gets all fussy about it. And for any reader who might be mentally challenged, Captain Obvious lands in the script, once again :

The look on Fury’s matched his name. The name sure does fit him, Ellie decided.

Hmh. Fury was furious. That made sense because he was called Fury, like the noun, fury, you know? Something that was a hint of his state of mind. He tended to be a bit angry. Because he wasn’t calm. Understand?

Romantic and delicate ManBeast informs Ellie that she is staying with him, from now on, and that this is not up to discussion.

He took a step closer. “You seem to know how to find trouble, sweetness. Or maybe it just seems to know how to find you. I have a guest bedroom and you are staying with me. That way I can keep an eye on you.”

Really sounds like the way one would talk to their teenage kid who’s just been caught drinking underage. Well, not in France. Underage drinking is not a problem in France. We’re professionals.

Fury pulls Ellie behind him, presumably to introduce her to his house – and I expect, his bed. Or maybe just the floor. Who knows? Please note that this time he just pulls her. He doesn’t feel the urge to strangle her to make it easier, which I guess is an improvement.

And she’s too worried to create a scene or get Fury in trouble, so she doesn’t protest. Healthy.

And to welcome ForeverMate into his house, Fury growls and allows his fangs to grow. Grr. He does explain that he is angry that she was attacked – not pissed at her. And then, in the most random change in conversation I’ve seen in this book, suddenly :

“Have you heard the latest outcry against us? They are afraid we’ll start wanting to date humans. What do you think about that?” 

“Did you not hear me when I stated that I think you’re just people? You have as much right to date or be with whoever you want to be with as I do.” He nodded.

“Would you be with one of my males? Slade is quite taken with you.” Slade?

Ellie blinked, remembering the guy who’d saved her ass at the gate. It came as a surprise that he might be attracted to her. “I don’t know him.” She couldn’t think of anything else to say.

So in a very weird and roundabout way, Fury tries to ask Ellie if she wants to date him. Only he does it like a five year old boy who destroy’s the girl’s sandcastle. He also pins her against the wall, to make sure he’s really intimidating the girl who just almost got kidnapped. Timing, people. Timing.

He also explains that he’s not entirely human and that some differences between a human male and himself might be shocking. (Wild guess here: bigger penis, bigger stamina, and need to bite during orgasm?) He also states that they are not compatible.

Because Fury and Ellie both get sidetracked faster than a ADHD toddler, they then talk about his childhood.

“It’s not fair what was done to you. They were wrong and just evil to do that, Fury. I call people like that total morons without a speck of intelligence or compassion.”

Ellie, the glorious fighter for justice and equality.

That took guts!

And then because the tension was running so high, Fury pushes away, tells Ellie where to find her room and food, and leaves.

Well, he doesn’t leave like normal people. He “storms out”. Of course, we realize that he left before he could completely defile Ellie’s body. But he feels calmer, because Ellie now lives in his house so she’s going to be under his watchful eyes FOR EVER AND EVER THAT’S NOT CREEPY AT ALL.

Somebody please kill me. Chapter 10 starts now, we’re about halfway done.


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