Fury – part 8

Will the drama never cease? Will Fury and Ellie finally find peace away from each other?

“You did the right thing.”Justice put his hand on Fury’s shoulder. He stared at the gate his friend had been watching for nearly forty minutes. “I know it was difficult for you to let her go.”

We’re only halfway done, folks. We’ll keep moving forward, but before that, I’d like to tell you I take suggestions for further readings. I’m pretty sure I know what I’ll review after I’m done with Fury, but I’m open to new ideas.

While everyone raids their personal collection of dirty writings, let’s keep powering through. 

So actually, when Fury acted like he didn’t care whether Ellie was leaving or not, he was only acting!

wow.                   such drama.               very tension. 

           wow.                   manbeast intrigue.             wow. 

such obstacles.              such powerful.

So Fury is rolling on the floor wailing for the love of his life that he let go (not really, but I like to think so). His BFF Justice is so sorry for him that he takes him out on a walk to calm him down. They go to hang out together.

On the other side of town (I assume), Ellie gets home to a motel, pissed that someone spray-painted words on her car (we don’t get to know what they are) and enters her house. SHE GETS INSTANTLY KIDNAPPED.

I’m gonna repeat that one too.


And I must say, the guys who drag her away aren’t the brightest:

She screamed and kicked hard at the bigger man. Her gaze frantically darted around, seeking help. She saw a few people lingering in the parking lot below and they gaped up at her. Someone yelled from the distance for the guy to let her go. 

“Damn,”a man yelled from the next room. “People are seeing!” He sounded panicked. “Run.”

Such prose: I am completely blown away by the realism, the three-dimensional characters, the flawless logic. Anyway, the abductors are so freaked out that they leave and Ellie is once again left by herself. She calls Justice’s office to let them know that she needs to change her hotel, that she’ll let them know when she’s settled.

Meanwhile, Fury is trying to deal with his overflowing feels :

Fury paced his office. Ellie wouldn’t ever come back, he’d never see her again, and he needed to get a grip on that painful bit of reality.

Life just won’t ever be the same again.

But life on the reserve ghetto New Species area is full of adventures, and a new problem has arisen. The human guards are said to have been flirting with the NS females, awakening the protective tendencies of the NS males and more drama.

Fury sits down with another of his friends, Brass, and they have a chat over Fury’s relationship, and I totally imagine this with some Earl Grey and ice cream. And like all people who talk about relationships, they do a bit of planning:

“When we take over Homeland you could invite her back. You’ll be in control of security. We won’t have to worry about how the humans react.”

Oh yes, that would solve all of Fury’s problems! (no one really wonders if Ellie would want to come, but that’s another problem for another day, I guess.)

CHAPTER NINE BEGINS (I can get to the end, I know I can)

A policeman escorts Ellie to the next hotel, and even lets her know that she should dump her old (spray painted) car and rent another one, if only for her safety. Actually, the piloceman is the only person so far who has a little bit of a personality. He appears for less than five paragraphs, and yet…

“I can’t wait for these morons to leave this area. Ever since the protestors showed up it’s been like this. The locals were happy about accepting Homeland, for the most part, and we welcome those poor people out there into our community. It beat having a military base as a neighbor. I lived next to one as a kid and they were always tearing up the town when they drank in their off hours. The New Species don’t do that. Then these Humans for Pure Humans jerks showed up on the scene. You’d think they’d have something better to do.”

Personality, context.

As soon as Ellie is about to enter her car and go to the next hotel, a black SUV pulls next to her and a guy comes out. He says he’s working for Fury, and that he’s been told to collect Ellie because ManBeast wants to talk to her.

I don’t know about you guys, but if it were me, I’d be suspicious as HELL. (and not very interested in meeting Fury again) I would bolt.

Fury wanted to talk to her. She wondered what he wanted to discuss. He may have regretted not really saying goodbye to her. He might even want to say he’d forgiven her for what she’d done to him. Of course he might just want to know what had happened. She didn’t want to get her hopes up that he just wanted to see her again. She’d never know unless she spoke to him. It would bother her, wondering, if she didn’t go.

I guess you consider that a good reason.

She agrees, gets in the SUV, and is driven back to Homeland, the New Species dwelling place.


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