Fury – part 7

Double post Tuesday ! I can’t believe I’m still reading this… As I said when I began writing this series of posts, I have read all of the New Species stories (of which there are currently 10). And, oh, gods. This is the main illustration for these books on the author’s website :

I have no words.

Wait, no, I do:

ManBeast finds Ellie after she has single-handedly fought against an invasion of the female harem. He forces her to wash the blood off herself, and that is probably meant to be sexy but it’s just very awkward. The word “blood” appears every paragraph, sometimes more than once.

Of course, ForeverMate still finds the energy to be self-conscious about her body. But it’s okay, because in a gesture of wonderful thoughtfulness, Fury gives Ellie his shirt so she can cover her body. Oh, he also gives her his underwear.

You will be happy to know that his undergarment of choice is blue boxer briefs.

Ellie and Fury salivate both for a while on the other’s appearance, blah blah blah, this is long, so long… Have I told you guys that I fear I’m progressively losing my sarcasm in this book? I feel more and more defeated. I don’t even care if they have sex! They deserve each other! Just make this end! Choke, rape, bite and harass the fuck out of each other, just do it in few words !

I don’t care anymore!

They exit the bathroom after a minor disagreement on whether Ellie should wear her bloody shoes or not. I guess we’re supposed to care. Ellie finds the human security leaders, and Fury insists that Ellie wears his underwear because:

“She needed clothes. You should put showers and towels inside the bathrooms on the lower floor if you have shitty security. When the people you fail to protect need to clean up the blood that was spilled, they can do it in comfort after they save their own asses. Paper towels weren’t going to cover her modesty afterward but my underclothing was much preferable to walking around naked.”

Because Fury and Ellie were isolated in the bathroom for a while, and because there are no security cameras in the bathroom (don’t ask), everybody seems to need to ask either Ellie or Fury about what happened inside, because CLEARLY after killings and such, that is the most urgent information.


I’m going to die.

No. I’m going to kill myself.

With ice cream.

“He inappropriately touched you and I want a formal complaint filed by six o’clock today.”

So finally someone tells ForeverMate that there’s something wrong in the way that Fury interacts with her, and completely disrespects her wishes and wants to force her to officially take a stand. At no point in time anyone tells Ellie that because she killed to guys and was mauled several times in the last weeks, she needs to see a psychiatrist.

“That man carried you into a bathroom where you stripped naked in front of him and he stripped naked in front of you, obviously, to give you his damn boxers. That is totally unacceptable.”

He’s an asshole but he’s right.

Ellie is so mentally healthy that her rebuttal includes the following words:

“(…) He never saw me naked,” she lied.

So her boss does the reasonable thing and fires her on the spot. She is to be escorted out of the safe zone (ghetto) that the New Species and those who work with them inhabit. She is very sad because she will never see Fury again.

Poor lonely Ellie is dropped on the outside of the fence, where the protesters protest.

The guards refuse to let her wait for her car inside, and even let the protesters know that Ellie was working inside. A traitor to the human race, she is! Burn the witch! Shave her head!

Ellie studied the crowd. They weren’t walking around anymore, carrying their hate signs. They watched her and drew closer together, mob style. Their signs were gripped as if they were baseball bats and terror filled Ellie.

Someone throws a can and Ellie is hurt on the shoulder but not too much. Which makes me sigh in relief for her safety, because I care.

A New Species officer arrives on the spot and orders the human guards to let Ellie inside. She is brought to safety before any of the protesters has had the time to do any real harm to her. Which makes me visualize them like super-slow zombies.

And Ellie is exhausted and traumatized. She waits for her car.

Ellie opened her eyes, surprised to see Fury approaching with the NSO officer who’d ordered the security guards to allow her back inside the gate. Fury wore jeans, a black long-sleeved shirt, and a pair of boots. His hair had been pulled back into a ponytail and he looked furious. 

The fact that she notices so much of his appearance makes me wonder if she isn’t mentally challenged.

Anyway, ForeverMate tells Fury and his friend Slade about Director Boris (cause bad guy is called Boris, really) and his attempt to force her to file a complaint.

“I’m going to get a motel room in town and go job hunting. I moved from another state when I relocated here to work. I’m homeless right now. I can give you my cell phone number though if they pack it with my things. Otherwise I could always call the ofice to leave my motel number for Justice if you really think he’ll want to speak to me. I have no idea what motel I’ll be staying at yet.”


And Fury answers : well, cool. I’ll let Justice know he can phone you, drive safely and shit, ok bye. Mighty cold.


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