Fury – part 9

Ok, so first of all, if you’re accessing this blog from its main menu, sorry for the weird changes happening here. I’m testing new things. You will see, it will become a beautiful place, full of cookies and fluffy bunnies.

We’re going to talk about ManBeast and ForeverMate again, but before we dive into the awkwardness of their story, and because I don’t really have the occasion to post these, a beautiful gif :

From The Life of Pi, if I’m not wrong. It would be a shame to use this image for humor. Continue reading →


Fury – part 8

Will the drama never cease? Will Fury and Ellie finally find peace away from each other?

“You did the right thing.”Justice put his hand on Fury’s shoulder. He stared at the gate his friend had been watching for nearly forty minutes. “I know it was difficult for you to let her go.”

We’re only halfway done, folks. We’ll keep moving forward, but before that, I’d like to tell you I take suggestions for further readings. I’m pretty sure I know what I’ll review after I’m done with Fury, but I’m open to new ideas.

While everyone raids their personal collection of dirty writings, let’s keep powering through.  Continue reading →

Pascal Nègre : de l’art à la vente

Article datant de 2008…

Invité pour une conférence dont l’intitulé expose une réflexion sur l’avenir des maisons de disques, Pascal Nègre ne fait pas dans le détail. La maison de disques, c’est sa maison. En l’occurrence, le géant Universal, premier vendeur de musique dans le monde.

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Fury – part 7

Double post Tuesday ! I can’t believe I’m still reading this… As I said when I began writing this series of posts, I have read all of the New Species stories (of which there are currently 10). And, oh, gods. This is the main illustration for these books on the author’s website :

I have no words.

Wait, no, I do:

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