Fury – part 6

Will Ellie die? Will Justice save her? Where is Fury? We continue reading Fury, the first book in the New Species series by Laurann Dohner. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read the previous issues. If not, let’s get the popcorn ready – onwards !

With incredibly mastery of suspense, the author makes the bad guy open a cupboard, extract Ellie, threaten to kill her, and be killed by Ellie with a knife in… 10 paragraphs. See, that’s one thing that could have been dragged a bit more.

But wait ! Ellie’s struggles are not over.

She swallowed the bile that rose up just as glass broke nearby. The sound had come from another room, forcing her attention from the dead guy at her feet.

Remember? There were four bad guys. They notice their dead friend, try to find Ellie with the admitted purpose of killing her. She wisely tries to hide.

But because she didn’t turn off her com receiver, the voice of her worried friends reveals her location. She is being shot at – miraculously no bullet touches her. She takes aim (with what, it’s not sure – the knife?) and because she’s such a warrior, suddenly, she actually kills him.

Ellie takes refuge in the Library (sounds like a game of Clue), where the two remaining evil guys easily find her, and we get the most exciting, dynamic sentence ever written in an action passage:

She heard a vicious curse and then someone slammed hard enough into it that the impact shoved her a few inches from the hard surface her back pressed so tightly.

Breathe, breathe

So the two guys gang up on Ellie, who uses a conveniently places fire-poker to fight back and she maybe break one guy’s wrist, but the other one finally catches her. He actually does what I’ve been wanting to do since the beginning of the novel :

The man on top of her grabbed her hair at the base of her neck and smashed her facedown against the carpet.

My kinda thing.

So they plan to rape her and kill her, but this time it’s not like Fury who strangled her and raped her, this time it’s actually very scary. Poor Ellie is terrified. She feels pain, too. Actually, it’s possible that her rib is broken.

They put her on the sofa, threaten to cut her, take off her pants. She kicks and scream and fights and the, suddenly, nothing.

The cavalry! The cavalry is here!

Four men dressed in black SWAT-styled outfits with NSO printed in white lettering on their vests stared down at her. Their faces weren’t totally human and she identified them immediately as New Species. They held guns and had large knives strapped against their thighs. She heard movement from behind her and jerked her head toward the noise. Fury stood there, bristling with rage far darker than the black outfit he and the other men wore.

Ah, finally, Fury makes an entrance! I was hoping scared that he would have disappeared for ever.

But lo and behold, the savior has arrived, and he is not happy. He smells Ellie’s fear. The animal in him wants to hurt and kill the bad guys “for daring to touch Ellie”. But a part of him realizes that it’s not civilized behavior. So he breathes through the mouth a lot and I assume says some prayers inside.

His protective instincts are roaring with fury (ooooh so that’s where his name comes from!) and he knows that he might scare ForeverMate if he went too far.

So he looks at her and finds she’s a bit weak (duh) and her clothes are ruined. Furthermore, she is covered in blood. For ManBeast, that simply won’t do. He carries her in the bathroom, and Ellie informs his that there are no cameras in this room.

He’s still not very good at seduction, though.

“We might be here for a while. One of us is going to remove your clothes and clean you to see if you are hurt and how badly. Decide now if it will be me or one of my men. I don’t want to waste time and that’s what you’re doing.”


Ellie doesn’t entirely sit back and take his shit, though. She almost looks like a real character, rounder than a cracker, for the full length of two sentences :

“I just killed two men, could have been brutally raped, and they were going to murder me. Excuse the hell out of me for being a bit weak-kneed.”

But that doesn’t last. Fury is all impressed that she ended the life of two dudes and forcefully lets her know that she shouldn’t feel any kind of guilt because it was self-defense, which is true, and also because “they aren’t worth the haunted look in (her) eyes“. Well, that’s a point I may possibly disagree with.

Anyway, we’ve already seen that with Laurann Dohner, any situation has the potential to become sexy. Choking  to silence your partner ? Sexy. Being drugged chained on the floor and a lifelong prisoner? Sexy. And here, yes : washing the blood of dead guys who murdered security guards? You guessed it.

I would like to point out that this sentence happens :

Don’t touch yourself with their blood. 

Have you properly seen it? I think it deserves a second copy pasta:

Don’t touch yourself with their blood. 

I think I have to stop now, I need to gag.


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