Fury – part 5

Welcome to the wonderful world of Manbeast™ and Forevermate™, where choking your partner is a form of love and commas are optional ! You want to know what happens to the couple of the century? You can’t wait to see if Fury and Ellie will finally get together? (hint: they will) You have come to the right place !

I’m sick so I’m a bit high on meds. I feel like my eyes are pushing to exit my cranium. The inside of my nose is uncomfortably dry or equally uncomfortably full. I’m ready to get nasty.

Let’s get on with it.

Ellie has finally become super best friend with the females she live with, even though they do explain to her that to them, she’s like a pet (Yorkshire or Poodle, they can’t decide).

Meanwhile, Fury, after the shame of raping forcing ruthlessly penetrating ForeverMate™, decides to… Keep stalking her.

He was a little startled at hearing his name being softly spoken, unaware that anyone had sneaked up on him, and it attested to how obsessed he’d become watching Ellie inside the dorm.

That’s actually not creepy because he lurves her with the lurve that is an obsession for his mate. He thinks about her a lot. Too much. And every time he thinks about her, ‘little Fury’ gets hard, and we get a description.

She’s all I dream about when I manage to fall asleep.

Awww… That’s kinda cute, though a tad dramatic. With just this sentence, you want to give Fury a hug, don’t you? Until…

He knew he needed to stop tormenting himself by spying on her every evening after his shift but he just couldn’t seem to do it. He’d even crept closer to the building, trying to find flaws in the security system that would allow him to climb to the third floor where she slept, just to glimpse where she lived. He wanted to know everything about her.

And with that, we enter chapter 6.

Ellie laughs and teaches her new besties to use appliances. Everything that is useful for women to know : The vacuum cleaner. The washing machine. The microwave.

Yes, I have promised to stop pointing out how much of this book insists on very different roles for men and women. So I’m not going to say it. But next book I review will be all about the sexy and primal and all – without the absence of equal rights.

In any case, in order to drive home to ForeverMate™ the fact that she is at the end of the food chain, the females explain to her that they’ve seen Fury stalking, that they didn’t tell Ellie for fear of worrying her, and that from now on she will be expected to be accompanied at all times by one of the females.

Ellie is about to complain (I hope – we’ll never know), but DEUS EX MACHINA AGAIN, an alarm rings. Dude, that’s the second time our author has pulled that one in less than 100 pages.

This time, though, it seems to be a bit more important than a doorbell:

“Lockdown,” Ellie yelled. “Go.”

Ellie moved and grabbed the emergency phone from the wall. It rang once before someone at the security building answered. “This is Ellie Brower from the women’s dorm. What is going on?” She made sure the door had automatically locked by giving it a tug.

“We have a breach,” the security guard yelled over the phone, their fear apparent. “One of those activists groups have broken through the main gate. We have forces headed your way but make sure your women are secure and the doors are closed.”

“Son of a bitch,” Ellie ground out.

Action ! Adventure ! Pathos !

But… Who the f-

I mean, who are these “activists” they mention ? I have not heard of them earlier in the book. Were they mentioned? I don’t know. I’m too lazy to go back and try to find a mention of them. And frankly… After a ‘breach’, generally, activists cease to be activists, and get upgraded to ‘terrorists’.

Especially since Ellie confirms a few sentences later :

Those assholes busted through the main gate and they might have guns.

That’s really not the definition of an “activist”, is it? These people are said to dislike the New Species so much that they want to have them ‘put down’. Charming.

Having successfully made the females hide, Ellie stays to take on whoever is able to bypass the lockdown and reach their dorm. Outside, activists and security guards are in a gunfight. The activists are better shots and the fight doesn’t last long.

The bad guys see Ellie. The following exchange occurs:

Another man, the biggest of the four, pointed his gun directly at Ellie and yelled, “Open up.”

Ellie knew the glass would hold. The building had been designed to withstand an assault. She raised her middle finger while pressing down the com button with her other hand to give them the ability to hear her clearly. “Screw you. It’s bulletproof.”

Even when you are behind bulletproof glass – it takes a special kind of idiot to show your face and taunt four guys with guns who have just killed two trained security guards, no?

I bet you can’t get me

Remember what we said earlier about Ellie’s survival instinct? Even Fury seemed to agree that she had none.

I kind of want someone to shoot her middle finger through the glass. They try doing that, but the thing is really bulletproof. So the men, not being complete retards, decide to open reach Ellie by flinging a vehicle in the door.

The windows hadn’t broken but the building holding them in place had. She continued to sit there until the three men pulled their buddy out of the trashed car.

Ellie is not screaming. Is not desperately trying to find weapons – or cover. If the world were fair she should win a Darwin Award.

The women all go one more floor up – Ellie plans to hold the bad guys at the second floor’s emergency door. She launches another lockdown, this time for the upper floor (for some reason the earlier lockdown only affected the ground level, which is a useful thing to know if you want to attack someone in there).

By the way, where is Fury? He’s stalking the place day and night, and when they get attacked, he’s suddenly gone?

In any case, Justice (Boss of ManBeast™) up at HeadQuarters is now aware of the situation. The women must be saved ! The cavalry should be on its way ! Through the magnificent technology that is CAMERAS, HQ checks the heat signatures of all the females, and checks the damage to the property :

“Son of a bitch! The glass held but the building didn’t.” Someone stated the obvious.

Meanwhile, Ellie, who has taken to hide in the kitchen, has found a knife in order to protect herself. She also hides. The bad men have entered the kitchen.

So… Maybe it’s the last gif I posted. Maybe it’s the kitchen thing, but the only thing that I can thing when I read that paragraph :

She had her knees pressed to her body and her head bent in a balled position in the darkness. She tried to control her breathing to prevent them from hearing it. Her ears strained for the slightest noise. All she could do at that point was pray they didn’t find her until help arrived. 

“I’m not going to kill you. I just want to talk.” Ellie clenched her teeth.

Is that :

So ForeverMate™ hides, the bad men try to get her, Justice back at HQ tries to send a team in time to save her butt. There’s a mess in HQ between the human security team and the Species security team, and FURY IS STILL NOWHERE TO BE SEEN.

Thus we begin Chapter seven.


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