Fury – part 4

Hail erotica! And its weirdnesses. Frankly; now that I am (we are) a few chapters into Laurann Dohner’s New Species series, I feel I can let you in on a little secret… After all, we are becoming intimate.

This series will not get the nobel prize of literature. This is what we call in French a train station novel; something you buy to read in the train and then never open again. It’s not bad, per say. It’s just not very terribly exciting. In the words of Stephen King (talking about the Twilight series) I “didn’t feel the urge to go on“.

Are we good?

So in order to have fun in today’s update, I’ll try to illustrate it with gifs from none other than BBC’s Doctor Who. So, let us valiantly power through the rest of the novel, because it’s funny to be snarky.

Hey wait. That’d make a great leitmotiv :

It’s funny to be snarky.

Justice, leader and friend to our beloved Manbeast Fury, sees that his vice commandant has just raped one of their employees. Though Justice understand Fury’s reasons (!), he tells him he still needs to be punished. For the law of the humans, though hard to understand, must be respected. Fury accepts in shame, but Ellie (ForeverMate) thinks otherwise :

I am going to return to the dorm now so please don’t call anyone. I’ll tell them I’ve been visiting a friend. Don’t get security involved in this. 

I don’t accept her lack of punctuation and Fury doesn’t accept her words. As far as he is concerned :

We aren’t even because now I’m in your debt. I didn’t mean to hurt you with my teeth. 

Not creepy at all.

Noteworthy: only the teeth-induced pain is an issue. I, for one, am happy to see that the forced intercourse isn’t a problem for anyone. And the choking before that. In any case, Ellie says it doesn’t matter and sort of runs out of the place. She is stopped by Fury, who tries to make sense of her behavior.

Justice is annoyed because Fury hasn’t told how he met Ellie (the moment when she inappropriately touched him as he was chained). When Ellie refuses again to explain their shared history, Justice reacts as any good friend would :

I’m his best friend. He is acting insane. Make me understand or I’ll have to lock him up, have him evaluated, and force him to tell me what has happened. He won’t take being caged well. If you care at all, you’ll tell me what he will not. 

That’s not blackmail at all.

Ellie takes that small monologue as a sign that Justice has Fury’s best interests at heart, and will not hurt him or anyone else, and so she tells the story of How Manbeast Was Kinda Raped. She explains that, no, she didn’t lose the power of movement and decision, and that the sexual acts he single-handedly decided to have with her were not rape :

He didn’t force me have sex with him. He didn’t beat me or anything. He decided seducing me would be more fitting to get his point across. I consented to it. 

But of course!

Stockholm Syndrome, ladies and gentlemen ! He did choke me and tie me and let it be known to me that I wouldn’t leave the bed without some form of punishment inflicted upon me, but noooo, he didn’t force me. Well, not too much. He asked me if I wanted to say no but he looked very ferocious, so I agreed.

All right, so let’s agree on the fact that Fury is kind of abusing Ellie. It would be tedious for me to review the entire book on that line of thought, because it’s everywhere – in each book of the series. Let us ignore from now on the constant blurred line between consensual and non consensual acts.

I’m just going to admit that Fury is a Beast and as such, cannot control the more primitive side of himself – which I think is the point that the author was trying to make. Dating Fury is like dating a lion. He roars, feels a lot of angst, roars again, and thinks of not much besides sex and who belongs to whom.

I hurt inside. Love me.

Taking all of this into account doesn’t excuse a lot of what is going on in this book. And in the books after that.

Do you remember that Ellie is living with female New Species, and that she’s all emo ‘n shit because they don’t talk to her? Well, the instant that ForeverMate is back at her dwelling place, they talk to her.


The woman sitting closest to her suddenly stood. Her nose flared as she sniffed the air and frowned.

“Are you all right?” 

She sniffs the sex on her, which is also somewhat creepy. They let her know that their sense of smell is not as good at the men’s, though, and that a male of their species would be able to tell exactly who had drenched her with his sex juices.

So ForeverMate and the females start being friendly because reasons that are unclear. Ellie’s life is changing! She now has friends who watch out for her!

Why are you protecting him? Do you know his name? Describe him to us, we’ll find him and make him pay. You are ours and he should have known not to touch you. 

Well, maybe not really friends. More like owners. Poor Ellie, who thought she was a human being. She’s in for a rude awakening.

“I’m yours? I thought you hated me.”

Kit stepped out of the bathroom. “ We don’t hate you. You’re our pet.”

“Kit!” Rusty shook her head. “Don’t say that. You’ll offend her.” Kit shrugged. “She is. She’s so little and cute. She yaps around trying to please us like…what are they called? A Yorkie?” 


To protect their pet, the females inform Ellie that they will ‘beat the shit’ out of the male responsible for her scent, and that she will be welcome to watch. Ellie assures that she is fine, that she wasn’t forced. But insisting sniffing reveals that Fury was the culprit.

But it can’t be Fury, can it? He’s so nice – he was always so tender when the pharmaceutical company tried to force the females to mate with him:

He was always the most careful to make sure we suffered no pain when they ordered us to have sex. When one of us flat-out refused to have sex with him, he took the beatings and wouldn’t touch us. He suffered so we didn’t have to. He would have died before he drew blood on one of us or hurt us in any way.

No drama.

It must be Ellie’s fault.

Anyway, she confesses to exactly what has happened. Guilt, shame, worry, etc etc. The whole deal. The women part as besties and Ellie privately wishes that Fury and her could be in love for ever and ever. Something tells me that she will meet him again.


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