Fury – part 3

So, when I said “tomorrow”, I actually didn’t mean ‘the day after today’. That day was a day of leisure, week-end, and nothingness. I loved it.

And then the week-end morphed into a week-beginning as well. Ah, idleness:

But I’m a warrior, and I read a lot of things for you guys. I know exactly what’s coming up after Fury’s story. And it’s gonna be hot.

When we left Ellie (Forevermate) and Fury (Manbeast), the latter had just helped Ellie into a marshmallow-ing orgasm. That would have been just perfect if Fury didn’t act towards Ellie as if he couldn’t decide whether he wanted to skewer her with his prick or with a real weapon. In his own romantic words:

“I want you. I hate it but I hurt to be inside you (…)”

Charming. Ellie is convinced that these words must mean that they will begin a beautiful relationship or something, and she agrees to penetration. But when she sees his equipment, she tells him that this is not going to work. And so Manbeast answers elegantly once again:

“You can take me,” he snarled. “I want you too bad. I’ll be gentle.”

So if I were to analyze that, I could say that it looks like Fury estimates Ellie’s capacities based on his desire. Real nice. Then the sex begins, an enchanting moment where we learn that Ellie owns “silky folds” and that Fury is equipped with an “amazingly rigid cock”. Those two elements interact in what is qualified as “sexual magnificence”.

Ellie must be pretty much on fire because:

It stunned her to react to a man so powerfully. She’d never even considered it possible to come from just a man fucking her without a lot of other stimulation, but then, Fury wasn’t just any man.

I’ll assume that this belongs to the category of the Magical Penis. You see the MP has super powers, such as making the penetrated partner see the light, have awesome orgasms, stop being so cranky, become heterosexual in some cases. In this case, all thanks to the MP, Ellie has her second orgasm in… I’d say about five minutes.

And then we get this pearl of a reaction from Ellie, whom I think deserves being stalked and strangled and shit. While Fury has given her no reason at all to trust him (and while she’s still tied to his bed), this is how she reacts to the end of the intercourse:

Sharp teeth softly raked her breast while Fury trembled as warm jets of his semen damped her thigh as he came. He had purposefully withdrawn from her at the end.

Ellie admitted being a little disappointed when she could think again after the blissful haze passed. Fury not coming inside her had left her feeling empty and as though he didn’t want to share that kind of intimacy with her.

ARE YOU INSANE. The guy’s an experiment, what do you think could happen if you’re both fertile? A first time having sex together, unprotected, and under circumstances that makes it difficult to claim consent, and you’re disappointed you don’t have semen inside your vagina?

Death to you all!

Fury had pulled out of her before he could risk harming or horrifying her with the changes made to his body inside the testing facility.

OK, so that’s interesting and catches my attention. I’m imagining a lot of potential biological changes a team of crazy doctors could make to a dick. I just really hope it glows in the dark.

Anyway, Manbeast wants to abduct Ellie (done), and keep her abducted, but he thinks that drowning her in pleasure and semen would not suffice to make her happy, so he decides that he needs to release her at some point.

He also realizes that he’s bitten her hard enough to draw blood and he feels sorry he’s hurt her. She doesn’t understand because as far as she’s concerned, she’s just had the most mind-blowing orgasm of her entire life, thanks entirely to the incredible Magical Penis™.

They both exchange a lot of awkward sentences, and because they can’t be honest toward each other, they misunderstand each other, drama, drama, etc.

He cleans her then, from the blood and the semen. She’s embarrassed.

And then because the situation seems more and more awkward and hard to solve, a little deux ex machina solves the plot from dragging: someone knocks at the door.

The two easiest ways to salvage a conversation that’s got too long :

  • and then, someone knocked at the door
  • he opened his mouth to answer but was interrupted by his phone ringing

These two things should be outlawed.

Fury, being the gentleman we have determined he is, decides to untie Ellie and let her go throw a blanket over a bound & naked Ellie. He does put on some pants and goes to open the door.

If she drew attention by calling out they’d find her tied naked to his bed with the injury from his teeth. It would appear really bad. They probably would assume he’d sexually assaulted her.

Cause he totally didn’t. In any case, the author must’ve thought that she was describing something fairly useful to create adversity for these star-crossed lovers of a kind. So as soon as it was written, it had to happen. A few seconds later, Ellie sees Justice (Fury’s boss) barging in the room:

The door to the room was suddenly flung wide open. The blood drained from Ellie’s face and dread filled her when Justice stomped into the bedroom. He wore a yellow t-shirt and blue jeans and his long hair was pulled back in a ponytail so his features weren’t hidden. She couldn’t miss the look of shock and horror that transformed them. (…) Justice grabbed the blanket and tore it back. Ellie made a horrified sound, startled at having her body totally exposed to a stranger.

Justice frees Ellie and totally scolds Fury, in what seems to me a very girly way. For the leader of the New Species, he seems terribly emotional. ‘You are breaking my heart,’ he says at one point, and then immediately tries to help Fury justify his actions:

What is wrong with you? Have you lost it? Did something make you snap?

If I’m the guy’s boss, I don’t think I would care about these things, really. I would say something closer to: “You have thirty seconds to give me a reason that I see what I see. If I am not satisfied, you will be removed from this task-force on the spot, and the little lady will receive my personal help and support if she ever wants to press charges.”

Eat that.

Fury says he’s sorry but he can’t resist her. He’s got the instinct.

He was pretty certain that mating was for life because how strongly Ellie affected him. He couldn’t see ever wanting to let go.

That’s creepy and surely Justice will be what his name says he is, just. Surely, he-

Justice started back with worry and understanding etched on his features. “How bad is it?”

I am discouraged and we’re only on page 71 out of 280. I damn hope that the sex will be super hot.

See you tomorrow, peeps! (that might even be the tomorrow that happens after today).


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