Fury – part 2

I just noticed that in yesterday’s post there were a fair number of spelling mistakes. Apologies.


I could fix them. Or I could keep going. I’ve decided to fix anything that needs fixing at the end of that series of posts. And so, without further ado, avanti!

So yesterday we left Fury (Hypermale Manbeast) and Ellie (Strawberry Forevermate) in the stare-down of the century. It was actually getting kind of sexy, if you forget that Ellie abused Fury, that Fury attacked Ellie, then stalked and threatened her. Because they obviously have issues they need to solve, they therefore decide to have a conversation.

A long conversation.

Very long.

In spite of how much of a doormat Ellie is, she does show a bit of spirit in the conversation :

“But I’ll tell you one thing. I saved your ass, Fury. You are still alive because of what I did. You would be dead if I hadn’t walked into your cell and stopped that asshole. You’d have died chained to a floor being abused by that son of a bitch just mere days before you would have been set free. If that’s unforgivable to you then too damn bad. Keeping you alive became my main priority.”

Pretty cool.

That doesn’t make Fury any less furious (oh, come on), and the drama keeps being spread over the pages like tick peanut butter. It becomes a mountain of sticky brownish matter, until Ellie states that she’s ready to do anything to help Fury forgive her. Fury, sensing that the conversation is reaching its peak, reasonably decides to strangle her.

No, really.

He’s got a fairly good reason for that :

Now that he had stopped restricting the blood supply to her brain, she relaxed against him, unconscious and breathing easily. He had chosen the safest, quickest method to subdue her. She would have struggled harder and longer if he’d done anything else. This way, she was not harmed, just sleeping peacefully against him.

You know who else didn’t really make a difference between an unconscious body and a sleeping person? People who use Rohypnol on other people.

And you know who else liked to strangle women to make them more compliant? Ted Bundy.

So let’s get have a look at Fury’s list of achievements:

  • Physically restraints & vocally threatens Ellie
  • Stalks Ellie
  • Threatens her again
  • Strangles her

Seduction level : below the sea.

This tends to be a constant in the erotica I’ve read. I really, really don’t understand why the protagonists have any interest in having sex together. Because, being “magnetic” is certainly something attractive, but the moment you strangle me, no matter how handsome you are, I will be physically revolted by the idea of you laying the tip of a finger on me.

I could also write on the creepiness of needing to control a person to the point that you prefer them unconscious – because it’s easier to deal with rather than, well, them being able to speak or move. Fury, while possessiveness can have it’s cool side, let me tell you what I think of you: you’re just a full-on psycho.

When Ellie wakes up, this is where she finds herself:

The large bedroom contained dark furniture and a fire blazed in the hearth inside a corner fireplace, the source of light. A toilet flushed, startling her. With a few tugs she discovered that her arms were stretched wide apart above her head, tied at the wrist with a soft, black material that connected to the sides of the headboard.

We all know where this is going.

He’d covered Ellie with a thick, soft blanket. She looked down and realized the top portion of her chest was bare and exposed. She moved her leg, feeling sheets against…bare skin. Her stunned gaze returned to Fury.

And ManBeast says the most over-dramatic thing he could possibly say :

He stopped at the edge of the bed. “I removed your clothes.” He paused. “All of them.”

“All of them.”

So they talk a bit more, Fury tells her that she will be “punished” – to each his own, I guess. I mean, not my kink. I don’t like sex to be something that is done to me. I prefer it to be something that is done with me. Ellie and Fury…would disagree.

And now we begin chapter 4.

Are they finally going to have intercourse? Nope. They talk some more about how Fury was tortured, back in the pharmaceutical company, back when they thought he had tried to attack Ellie. ForeverMate is all surprised and sad that Fury would be hurt because of her. She asks him to release her, he gets all growly and furious.

He moved then, grabbed the blanket, and jerked. In a heartbeat he’d torn it away from the bed to expose Ellie’s nakedness. He stood and stared down at her with a callous expression.

“You should understand how it feels to be naked, unable to move, while someone else has control over what is done to you. That’s part of what you did to me. How does it feel to be helpless, Ellie?”

Embarrassment heated her cheeks and she tried to twist away, to roll onto her side, but he’d tied her too tightly.

This little kink is fine. However, the problem of consent is not harmless. Especially with that touch of revenge. And what’s really interesting is that Ellie feels embarrassed. Not terrified, not angry, not disturbed. She tells him she understands he needs his revenge and does her best impression of a dead fish, telling him to “do it”.

But it couldn’t be as easy as that for Fury, who answers that “reverse psychology doesn’t work on him.”

Now, let me get this straight. Build-up is awesome. Awesome build-up is terrific – it’s literary foreplay. But when things go one way, then the other, then back the original way, then switch in another direction, on and off again… It becomes tedious.

They argue a bit more about how rightful they are and how justified their actions are, and then, finally, intercourse begins. Ellie feels eroticized and that “mortifies” her. By the use of restraints and force, Fury puts Ellie in a position where she can’t escape the sensuous nature of her body. (The people in these novels are never awkward.)

But she wants to put a stop to it when he insists on giving her oral. She doesn’t want that kind of punishment.

Honey, something tells me you’re gonna change your mind about that one.

But for the magic tongue to work we need some words of love. Which Hypermale promptly delivers :

“Oh, Ellie,” he rasped. “I want you. Don’t you know that? This is far beyond something as simple as payback. Tell me yes so I can give us both what we need.”

Consent ! CONSENT! YES! (under pressure, but it’s there.) Ellie agrees.

He’s really doing it. He- Oh God. That feels so good.

See? I told you! Suddenly not so ashamed anymore, Ellie greatly enjoys Manbeast’s lavish attentions on her ladyparts, up until an orgasm so mind-blowing that:

If he killed her now she wouldn’t even care. She was a breathing marshmallow.

Ellie after oral.

And thus ends chapter five. See you tomorrow guys !


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